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About the Artist

Me in my dragon onesie being super snug

Basic Info

Name: Mrs. Tamsyn Lynique Smoonlock
Online Handle: Taala Ruhun
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Taala Ruhun?

Taala Ruhun is the name of my cute anthro fairy dragoness mascot, who you will find hovering here on my site. A long time ago, I asked an old friend what to name my lilac dragoness, and he came up with a name based on the word 'Tail'.
It sounded cute, and I decided to use her name to represent myself online. I have a story in mind for her, and hopefully will one day make it into a comic.

What do you enjoy drawing most?

Dragons, humans and... somewhere in-between. I also like drawing a variety of different anthropomorphics, and abstract monster designs.

Any qualifications?

I have a Bachelors' in Digital Design, as well as finishing high school. That's about it. I have to admit my study didn't really further my artistic ability, but it certainly helped my understanding of narratives, characters and storytelling.

Who is the Mr. to your Mrs.?

My other half (quite literally - he is the other only Smoonlock in the world) is Thomas. I married him on the 26th of January, 2014. He is basically the reason why I have the enthusiasm to keep going in my creative pursuits, and I can definitely say he is the best person I've ever ended up living the rest of my life with.
He is also my background artist, and helps me through many parts of my creative process (especially bringing me food and drink when I'm hard at work and oblivious to my surroundings and wellbeing). He is also an artist himself! You should totally check out his webcomic, Sacrificial Schoolgirl Celia. I also have some input into the comic, so we're quite a creative team.

What’s your goals in life and art?

Well, all I really want to do is be happy and content with my life. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to live in a house with my husband where I can get a cat, dog, goat, turtle… whatever I want, really. With my art, I want to write, draw and make my own comics. I have so many stories and characters I’d like to dedicate more time to bringing into existence. I’m very afraid to, but I’m steadily overcoming that fear over time. I’ll get there one day.

Do you have a personal motto?

“Dream, for everything is a dream, and dreams don't come true on their own - you make them true.” - me
I believe heavily in the spiritual nature of dreams and sleep, so this motto keeps me feeling hopeful about my future.

What’s your favourite...

Colour? Purple
Food? Pizza
Drink? Mochaccino
Music? Electronica (and sometimes 90s nu-metal)
Activity? Roleplaying with my husband
Movie? Pixar’s "Up"
Video Game? Okami
Animal? Snake
Flower? Orange Rose
Any other favourite you want to know? Feel free to email me :D

Thank you for visiting my website and reading up more about me. I really appreciate it. I hope you have enjoyed my artwork and I would love to hear any feedback you might have.
Take care!