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Last Update for the Year!19/12/17

Hello everyone!

Pardon I've been so quiet over the last several months, I've just been very slowly ticking away at backlog and dealing with stuff at my part time retail job. I'm generally ok, I'm glad I've started drawing more again! Also, the new year is approaching very soon!
My resolutions are: get my restricted driver's license, get my first tattoo, clear my backlog commissions and move house. And we'll see how I go for the new year!
For now, you all keep well and take care!

- Tammy/Taala 🦋🐉*:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜


That's right, for the first time in a long time, not only am I offering commissions of any kind, I'm offering cool HALLOWEEN icons!! All done in time for Hallow's Eve!!

There will be ferocious fangs and glowing eyes!! All done by your Halloween-loving dragoness, Tammy!

Here is a link to a high resolution example --> http://taalaruhun.com/artworks/view/389

So want to get one of these? I'll be only opening 10 slots all across in limited places, and see how many I can get through!

They will be $15NZD and I'll need you to fill out this following form in the comments or by direct message! I'll DM you my payment details! Slot secured when payment received!

Monstrify Icon Commission!
1. Name and/or Furry Name (please specify if you don't wish to be tagged on Facebook or anywhere else!)
2. Email so I can send you the high resolution!
3. Ref sheet or main references (please credit artist if possible)
4. Main BG Colour:
5. Secondary eye + mouth Colour:
6. Choose: Grin, Open Mouth Smile, Clenched Angry Teeth or Ferocious Roar.

These are meant to be simple, so any characteristics that appear complex I will simplify. These only have 2 colours and white in them, all high saturated to neon colours. I will send you a watermarked 1000 pixel and a set of 500 and 100 pixel unwatermarked.

All my usual T.O.S. applies! --> http://taalaruhun.com/tos

I will update these slots across the board! I'm looking forward to monstrifying your characters!


October Update!12/10/17


Halloween season is my favourite time of year!! I'm so excited to see all the kooky and spooky to pop un in my social media! Let there be many ghosts, monsters and all sorts be out and about!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'll also be letting you know how commissions are going. They are going slowly, but actually happening!

And just for this special month, I'll be opening a commission type for Halloween! So look out for that announcement!

As for my real life, eh it's not the best but I'm doing okay. Work has decided to take a turn for the dramatic, and now I'm overworked to sickness cause someone on the team won't pull their weight. It sucks to feel so much frustration towards an individual, but damn, at least in an argument I got to tell her my friends nicknamed me 'the Dragon' and that shut her up for a moment XD

I'm slowly getting into feeling creative again! It's been a long time but I'm actually working on art and craft things again, even with the stress in my life! My anxiety and depression are on the rise but I am hoping to get past this work issue soon.

All round, I'll be okay, I always try my best to be okay!
So please, take care everyone and once again,
Happy Halloweeny Time!!

- Tammy/Taala 🦋🐉*:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

September Update!06/09/17

Firstly, HI!!

I know it's been a while since the last update, like a loooooong time. So, let me explain what's been going on since then!

I have a part time job now, for a start! I work 3 days of the week so I'm still adjusting to that. I've also been doing driving lessons with a school, aiming to try for my restricted license test in mid October. I have a car to go vroom with, her name is Starlet, after her model name! (She's an old gal but I love her to bits!)

I'm sure I mentioned before I have a dog, but I will again, I have a dog, named Blue, an adopted greyhound. She also has an instagram! You should totally follow it if you love cute and sassy dog pictures! - https://www.instagram.com/bluethegreythound/

I've also been looking after exchange students who come over to my country to learn English, which has been cool, being their mom for a short while! I'm currently between hosting students so I've FINALLY had time to pick up any form of art again!

My biggest, sincerest apologies to my commissioners who have been waiting so patiently to hear anything from me for a while. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!

I just hit a major slump with depression and anxiety that killed my creativity completley - along with plenty of adulting. HOWEVER, I have picked up the pencil/digital pen again and will steadily work towards completing my backlog ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

I may do a few tiny, tiny commissions inbetween but only in October for Halloween (since it's my fave holiday!) and the rest of my energies on my backlog.

I've also been doing tinkering with arts n' craft, which I'm sure you may have seen on my Instagram.
I plan to continue with that when I'm not up to drawing. I want the best for my commissioners and half-assed isn't going to cut it. So I switch between tinkering and writing on the side to keep my creativity up!
Tinkering - https://www.instagram.com/tammytaala/
Writing - http://taalaruhun.com/writing

Last but not least, I'm welcoming Spring in my country with open arms! As the season warms everything up, so do I feel I can make a fresh start! I'll try to figure out a schedule and try to stick to it to the best of my ability.

I want to get back into art again, as much as I can, after getting a confidence boost meeting up with my old high school art and design teacher. She says I still have my passionate spark, and to never think otherwise. Hearing that from her helped a lot, so expect to see a bit more art updates!

Thank you all for your patience, your support, and I hope to turnover a new leaf in my chapter of creating art! Many hearts and spring flowers to you!

- Tammy/Taala 🦋🐉*:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

May/June Update!29/05/17

Hi everyone! It's been a while! So I decided to do an update for both months. Basically everything slowed the hell down when both my anxiety and depression acted up again. I've been seeing doctors and such so I'm making good progress in that regard.

Also, my new greyhound Blue is doing very well in her new home! I've been having to manage my life around her but she is a very good dog. I'm enjoying finally having a pet again!

Commissions/Art Trades are still closed as I remain in catch up. Apologies to everyone waiting on art, I'm sure to get it cleared as soon as I can! If you want to know progress, feel free to message me!

And for people in Wellington, New Zealand, yes I will be there for Wellygeddon at the Drawfest table. This means I'll be away at a convention from 31st May til 6th June. It will be my last time so if you wanted anything from me in person, that's your chance!

Thank you everyone for your continuious support! I am very grateful to you!

- Tammy/Taala 🐉🦋*:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

April Update05/04/17

Hi! I'm around and alive and ready to do art! So a lot has happened since the last time I wrote an update. The main thing is I'm now a proud dog parent. I own an ex-racing greyhound named Blue. She is the sweetest thing but has lots to learn. So I had to dedicate time to looking after her when she arrived.

Also, depression is finally lifting it's grip on me, even though my anxiety has been on red alert due to my live being re-arranged by sudden pupper. It's calmed down a lot now Blue is finally settling in. This means I'll be chipping away on my immense commission backlog! Thank you to all who have been so patient!! I really appreciate it! 💜

And I'll be trying to livestream everyday, with Pay What You Wants as I need some inbetween cash to feed and clothe my dog child (as well as maybe something for me ^^; ) The streams would be 2 - 3 hours long so only sketches, linearts, flat colours or experimental arts will be done. The rest of my work day is dedicated to that backlog!

So, I've taken on a lot of responsibilities but here is hoping finally having my own dog will keep my spirits up i nthe long run, I'm sure it will!
Take care~!
- Tammy/Taala 🐉🦋*:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

Where Have I Been? The Update01/03/17

So, many have you may have noticed my inactiveness around doing art and such. The main reason is because I've been suffering a rather large relapse of depression and anxiety. I have it managed, don't worry, but it's been a real creativity killer.

I have not forgotten my responsibilities as a commission artist, I know exactly all the art I owe (and if you think I've left you out, let me know ASAP!)

Apologies again for those who have waited on me for so very long, I'm still grateful for your understanding. I'm looking forward to when this mental health bump is over.

Just in case you may not know, I have quit my retail job and are looking into getting me a pet. We're hoping this will help me before I get worse. I've also been out and about more with the help of good friends.

I'll update again once the commission ball is up and going. So for now, please take care everyone!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

January Update23/01/17


It's getting late into January but thought to keep people in the know!

So, main news is I'm leaving my part time retail job. It just seemed the right time to do it. I already do my art and look after exchange students so I can free up my time a bit more.
That means I'll be able to work on my backlogged commissions soon enough! Yay! Check here to see my progress --> https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

However, before all that, I've been busy being the main artist for FurCoNZ --> https://www.furconz.org.nz/
The local furry convention taking place very soon! Onlu just under 2 weeks away! So I've been busy with that, especially since I'm a Staff Member once more, looking after the Art Room!

If you're a New Zealand Furry and already registered for FurCoNZ, let me know if you want a spot at the Artist's Alley!

Apart from that, I've been dealing wth all sorts, but I'm ok.

Take care sweeties!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays - December Update26/12/16

Just as we are nearing the end of December, thought to give a little insight into the going ons of my life.

Well, for the time leading up to Christmas, I've been working many retail hours in a children's stationery shop so you can imagine how tired I was.
I really missed doing any form of art, but now we are steadily getting back to when times are sane.

This means, I'll be hitting up that backlog! The first lot being for FURCONZ - the New Zealand Furry Convention happening in early February, more info on that soon!
Here is a websire link if interested: https://www.furconz.org.nz/

Then, I'll be working very part time hours and having my exchange students again. I'll get to have my life in balance again yay!

There is also an upload backlog of wonderful art I've done, and wonderful art others have done for me. I'll be uploading them when I can.

For now, everyone enjoy your day and I'll keep you in the know!


November Update!09/11/16

Hello darlings~!

Taala is here to say some rather important things regarding commissions and such, so read thoroughly!!

✿ My Life -
My part time/casual job has been going well! I've adjusted to fit my art and life around it - and I'm becoming pretty good at it. I'm glad I have this job at a colourful stationery shop, it's been good for me to socialize with the rest of humanity, for better or for worse. So that's good!

I've also been having a mild cold for a while, and injured my arm a little while trying to do all the Halloween sketches. So, I'll be a little slower in progress, but at least getting things done!

✿ Commissions -
This is the very important part. Right now, I'm finishing the backlog of my Look Halloween Icon commissions and then onto the rest of my backlog. Which means:

I WILL BE CLOSED FOR COMMISSIONS TIL THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY 2017. (Most probably re-open a few days after Valentine's day next year.)

I will open up for the occasional Look Spooky Icon, but nothing else - since my backlog list has gone on for way too long. Thank you all for being so supportive all this time, and I'll hopefully have all my art work backlog clear when I re-open next year. :D

To keep track of my art progress, check here --> https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

✿ Livestreaming -
I will be on and off, livestreaming whenever. With how suddenly things can happen, I'm happy to have my livestream schedule just be whenever, but I'll try to livestream at least once a day.


So if you haven't already heard me, I'm back to talking on my livestreams so remember to have your sound on if you want to hear my voice. :)

So that was my update, thank you to anyone who read this and I look forward to working on a lot of art :D

- Tammy/Taala

My Auckland Armageddon Experience!25/10/16

It was pretty ok. Not too bad, no amazing - but average. Which is something I'm still quite happy with.

I was on the DrawfestNZ stall on Friday with Arkilliandragon on Tumblr and Atarial on Tumblr and learnt it's basically a tester day. Let people see the stall but defs not a lot of buying. A quiet day where I'd suggest to use to look around on if you plan to be an artist on the stall the other days.

Saturday was when I was a helper and BOY lemme tell ya that was tiring work! Standing around telling people about what is Drawfest and inviting people to the table is exhausting. Which is why I am SUPER grateful to Arkillian to be the lead in managing the stall.
ALL THE ARTISTS were flat out! Staticcreature on Tumblr, Slugette on Tumblr & Atarial were very busy with selling posters, prints, lil crafts etc. (I also kept supporting Slugette doing her first on-the-spot commission which came out amazing btw!)

Sunday happened. I was not there as it was my day off but I hope Sunday went well for all the artists there such as Knewtknight on Tumblr, Vesklerdraws on Tumblr & Leadambeck on Tumblr with the helpers Atarial & Slugette.

Monday was an interesting day as it was busy but also not busy. I, Taalaruhun on Tumblr, was with Orionsworld on Facebook and my husband Loonsmock on Tumblr. Arkillian and Knewtknight were helping out. I didn't do many commissions (and one I have to do off site now cause the person had to leave sooner than I expected) and not many of my posters moved either.

However, the commissions I did to made the customers so overjoyed with what they got - and at the end of the day, that's why I'm on the stall. To see how people love the art I make for them.

I still made my average amount for a single day so I'm pretty happy with that. I look forward to finishing the one that has to be posted cause it's going to look AMAZING.

My favourite part however was the Aftergeddon dinner Arkillian arranged on Monday evening. I loved the amount of socializing I did without getting exhausted! (as an introvert it was such a big deal for me) and the food was so good. It was great seeing good friends and making new ones with lots of great conversation. It was definitely my highlight.

So all in all, that was my Auckland Armageddon experience. Even though I was getting quite tired, the support from the fellow artists and people around me was amazing and kept us all going.

Thank you to everyone who supported us at the stall, that was on the stall, and of course once again to Arkilllian for taking on the big task of organizing it. As the Regional Manager of Drawfest in Wellington, I completely understand the undertaking so she did such a splendid job of it.

For now, I have plenty of commissions to catch up on, life to carry on with etc. - but before else, resting. So much resting.

Thanks for reading and I hope most of you had at least a pretty OK Auckland Armageddon. Take care!

- Taala/Tammy 💜💜💜

Away at Auckland Armageddon!21/10/16

That means all my icon commissions and stuff I owe will be done after the convention.

If you're in Auckland, New Zealand, and going to the convention, you can find me at the DrawfestNZ (stall 126)
selling art and posters.

I'll be on Friday the 21st of October & Monday the 24th of October.
(I'll be a helper on Saturday the 22nd October so you can say hi to me!)

Heres a pic of the map! --> Where Taala is!

I look forward to meeting people and I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

'Look' Halloween Icon Commissions [CLOSED!]09/11/16

Hi everyone!

As I've been adjusting to my new part time work, and working on my backlog commissions, I wanted to open up icon commissions to celebrate the month of Spook o' ween! Halloween is my favourite holiday so I at least wanted to open something small for it, so here are my 'Look' Icons!

Here are examples of eye(i)cons: B/W only --> http://taalaruhun.com/artworks/view/330 and B/Colour --> http://taalaruhun.com/artworks/view/331

They are $10USD and are primarily black and white for effect, but if you'd like one flat colour with the eye being white, that's fine too!

To get this commission, please comment/message me this filled out form:
1. Name on Website (ie. taala on FA or taala on Facebook).
2. Name and Visual References (must have!) of character.
3. 3. If the black hole eye is the left eye (appears on right side of icon) or right eye (appears on left side icon)..
4. Black/White only or Black/the flat colour.

I will be giving a high resolution with my watermark, and 3 different sizes so you can use them on all websites!

I'll be taking orders for these until the 24th of October (1 week before Halloween!) so get them while you can!

I accept Paypal and bank transfer for New Zealanders.

Thank you for reading and happy month of Halloween everyone!

- Tammy/Taala

Thanks to everyone who got one!

October Update!03/10/16

Hello sweeties!

This is Taala actually updating at the start of the month letting you know how things are going~! There has been a lot of stuff happening in my life (as to explain why I didn't end up livestreaming for the past week) so lemme just get right to it!

✿ My Life -
Firstly, I have a job! Specifically a casual job at Smiggle --> https://www.smiggle.com.au/shop/en/smiggle (where I shop for all my rainbow stationery and stuff!) I'll be a customer rep and start training this week! I'm super excited cause I'll also be working with a friend, which always helps! It's coming to the silly season so I'll be busy for sure ^^; But since it's part time, which means I'll still get to work on backlog commissions and other art!

✿ Inktober - I'm also participating in Inktober! That is when you do an inked picture a day - usually with a theme. You can see the day to day ones here --> http://taalaruhun.tumblr.com/tagged/inktober and at the end of the month, I'll be submitting a mega-collage of all the ones I did during October ^^

✿ Commissions -
I've made a tiny bit of process with my backlog which is encouraging! I'll keep updating this list as I keep going along! --> https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

But also, Happy Spooky Month! And to celebrate I'll be doing a nice simple commission type to tide me over between working on backlog. Halloween time is my favourite time of the year, so I really wanted to do something for it! Keep an eye out for the Halloween Icon Commission journal!

✿ Livestreaming -
Ok, I have learnt my lesson about trying to make a schedule for my livestreaming. For the past week, every time I came to sit down and work on art - SOMETHING would come up, and usually something I needed to attend to urgently >.>; It's been really stressful since I wanted to try and get more art done, but for now - I'll just have to do livestreaming whenever I can. I'll also occasionally do PWYW livestreams, and advertise them at the time.

✿ Auckland Armageddon Convention (Mainly for the New Zealanders) -
Yup still a thing, and still going! I will be at the Auckland Drawfest Stall for Friday and Sunday as an artist, and Saturday as a helper. It'll be really busy for sure, but I'll be around to do on-the-spot commissions, sell posters and all that stuff. I'll make a bigger deal of it closer to the time :D

✿ Other -
Now it is back to just my husband, my lil sister and I in the household, which means I should be able to get more done (like chores and such lol). I may be having a friend over soon, but I'll have to see. So far, things have improved! I've settled, I have a job, I have another job and I'll be getting to see friends! ^w^

So thanks for reading my journal and have a good day/night!

- Tammy/Taala

P.S. I still play League of Legends, if you can find me feel free to add me :3

Livestreaming Schedule and Life26/09/16


Thought to update people on my general life and why I can’t seem to livestream as often as I want to. Everything has been going pretty ok but lately I’ve hit a slump in my anxiety and depression. I’ll try to keep on schedule as much as I can, but sometimes I have to take a time out now and again to rest my wrist and my mind.

I have plenty to work on though, as my backlog has only been recently chipped away at. See here for my workload → https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

I’ll update again when I feel I can do my livestream everyday. For now, I’ll make my schedule back to every Tuesday and Thursday. It’ll be PWYW ones while I work on backlog.

Thank you for understanding and I’ll see you in one of my streams!


September Update!18/09/16

It's a bit on the late end of September but oh well, thought to make an update none the less.

So! What have I been up to? Well, being very sick mainly. It's the start of the spring season down under and my hayfever went WHACK. Going from cold to fever to cold again was not fun :<
However, I have now improved!! Thanks to people who got some traditional art while I was sick, it kept me busy. ONTO THE IMPORTANT PARTS!

✿ Commissions -
Ok, I do have quite a bit of backlog and I am still working on them! Just understand due to the fact I am also a home stay parent (exchange student guardian) I have that as a job to balance too... as well as making sure the household isn't terrible and/or on fire.
Now I'm not hellishly sick, I can actually GET BACK TO WERK so you'll be seeing more finished stuff from me hopefully soon.

✿ Livestreaming -
So I've decided I'm going to make a schedule of this. I plan to livestream every day, but only twice a week it'll be PWYW* Commission Streams. This will be in NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Time) starting between 10am/11am with Tuesday and Thursday being my PWYW livestreams. These PWYW commission livestreams are to help out getting earnings during the week while I work on the bigger things on the other days. (I make sure I have weekends to myself though.)
*PWYW means 'Pay What You Want' - which means you offer a price, I tell you what you can get, you pay me via Paypal/bank transfer if applicable, and once I receive the money, I try my darndest to finish the PWYW commission in that livestream. I also will ask for an email so send the files too. :)
I have plenty of examples if I show in the stream if people are curious.

✿ Auckland Armageddon Convention (Mainly for the New Zealanders) -
Yes I will be there (yaaaaay). I will be at the Auckland Drawfest Stall for Friday and Sunday as an artist, and Saturday as a helper. I'm really looking forward to being on that stall after years of being away from it. I think it'll be awesome :3

This may not really be that important but I just thought to mention it again. I HAVE STORES. WITH AWESOME T-SHIRTS AND DESIGNS AND STUFF. Just follow this link: http://taalaruhun.com/shop

✿ Other
I guess I'm just happy to say things have been going well with our new lives in Auckland. I'm just looking forward to getting right back onto the art horse. So look forward to seeing some creative things from the Taa!!


I also now play Leage of Legends - no I'm not good at all, yes I'm making sure it doesn't consume my life, and maybe I'll add you, but only if I know you. It's a super new experience and I have no idea what I'm doing. o-o; BUT I GOT A 6-1-6 in my 3rd game ever so I'm soO psYCHED AboUT THAT!!

Anyways, that's my update and hopefully next one won't be titled "I'm sorry LOL stole my life".

Take care sweeties!

- Tammy/Taala

August Update!17/08/16

Hello everyone!

It's a bit late in August for an update but goodness I've been very busy! And only recently been able to dive into art again.

So as I mentioned before, I've currently got a main occupation being a home stay parent for overseas students. It's been such a wonderful experience being a part of someone's life like that! When they leave, I feel a bit heart broken, but we make such great memories together. I hope I will always leave a touch of magic in each students heart. 💜

I've also been doing art, warming up to catch up to my backlog! I've currently been running Pay-What-You-Want livestreams almost daily now, to keep myself practiced and try out new things. So keep an eye out when I post up my livestream! 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

Also, my husband Thomas and I FINALLY feel we have settled from the move. With so much of my friend's art on the walls, the new house definitely feels like home.

And please spare a quiet moment in memory of Jolyn (Silverwing/GingerPepp on sites), she recently passed away and was a wonderful artist who enjoyed my work, as I enjoyed hers. Together, we loved the colour purple intensely. That purple flame keeps going for sure.

Thank you for reading and hopefully I'll be able to be a commission artist and home maker in harmony. Take care sweeties!

- Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜

July Update - Moved House, Home Stay Student & House Sitting05/07/16

Hi lovelies!

Apologies for the lack of updates. We only got our internet working 3 days ago and during all that time, I've been flat out cleaning, unpacking and arranging things for the past 2 weeks. So much busy!! @.@

So, my husband Thomas and I have finally moved house and are safely settling in at the new place. I've got a lot of my things set up. If you want pics and insight of my doings, feel free to visit my Instagram

So, during all this I ended up being signed onto an international student program and I'm a home stay mom now xD. This means, I'm looking after a student who is living with my family while they study overseas from their home. So yeah, it's been a pretty good experience so far, it fits well with my natural maternal instinct LOL. I'm looking forward to doing this as my thing alongside being a commission artist.

Speaking of which, I'm a bit delayed in restarting my backlog as I'm currently house sitting for my Dad while he is overseas at the moment (My Mom looking after the student atm) I know right? Everything has to happen at once! So, I'll be getting back into my owed art next week. That's the hope anyway!

I'm hoping to do some smaller, traditional art commissions while I'm away from my main work station. Ones I'll mail to people. I'll post up an example and a journal about that in more details!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a swell day/night! Thanks for checking in on me :3

- Tammy/Taala 💜

Moving House Time Has Come!10/06/16

Hi peeps!

Just letting you know that the days leading up to the big house move is finally upon me. My husband and I will be moving across our country to a bigger city where my family are. This means my main work PC Josephine will be put into a box soon. (Meaning commissions I'm working on will be on hold until after the move.)

I'll be temporarily closed for commissions during this time, thank you to everyone who got something as it has helped with overhead costs ^^;

I may be without my PC for at least 2 weeks (I hope not but you never know with moving trucks >.>; ) but I'll update again once I've settled in.

However, some good news, I will have a Windows Surface Pro 2 which I got off a friend :) This means hopefully after some practice, I can at least get the sketches of commissions done!

So, thanks again for all the support and I'll let you know how the move goes!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❤

Back from Wellygeddon and Still Moving House07/06/16

Hello Everyone!

I've returned from the 3 Day Convention in Wellington, New Zealand known as the Armageddon Expo. I was in charge of the Drawfest Stall along with my husband Thomas , helping out other artists to show their stuff as well as doing my own on-the-spot commissions and selling posters. It was very busy but I managed to make something back from it at least. :)

Now, I'm STILL moving house in less than a week now and I've got a healthy queue of commissions I got to try and get done beforehand! (If not before, definitely after, I'll keep people up to date!

I'm OPEN but Limited so please let me know via note, message or email if you're interested!

Click HERE for my Commission Price Guide with Visual Examples!

Click HERE for my current Art Queue!

Also hopefully if all goes well, I'll get to own a Windows Surface Pro 2 and get to work on things during transit - here's hoping!

Apart from that, got to get back into finishing as much of my commissions as I can before I'm away from my main PC Josephine for like a week x.x; - wish me the best of luck.

And to all my Wellington friends, I'm leaving the 14th of June so hopefully we'll get to catch up before then. I'll see see ya~!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❤


I'll be away from home for basically 3 days straight - doing traditional commissions and such. Which means I'll be taking a break from digital but don't worry, I'll make sure to catch up later! I hope to see Wellington peeps!


Come see Taala and other artists at the Drawfest Stall this Queen's Birthday Weekend at Wellington Armageddon, NZ!!

More info of event: HERE

More info about Drawfest Wellington:

I hope to see you there~ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❤

- Taa

Moving House, Drawfest & Commissions are Open but Limited!24/05/16

Hi people! Time for another Taala update!

I have new places! Finally got round to make an Instagram and just cause made a Furry Network account as well. (Gonna mass upload later on FN.)

So, let's start off with the usual. I've been pretty good overall, had a few bumps and such but I'm easing back into routine well... except now everything has been flipped upside down and all around!

My mother has a bit precarious medical circumstances and wanted me to be closer to her as I live away from home. She's offered us a family home we can rent. So now, we are moving from Wellington to Auckland in less than one month's time! YEAH! SUDDENLY MOVING!

This means, things will be quite busy, especially since Wellington Armageddon (An NZ geek convention) is just around the corner and the Drawfest stall still needs a final roster! Also, thank you to everyone who applied, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

And now to the point: I am OPENING commissions BUT on a LIMITED level since I still have plenty of backlog. So I'd prefer several smaller projects than a few huge ones. So I won't be accepting full bodies for the coloured commission types, but they come with a 20% waist up (thighs and upward) 0r 40% bust (head/shoulders/chest) discount from the price shown!

Click HERE for my Commission Price Guide with Visual Examples!

Click HERE for my current Art Queue!

I unfortunately can't give any ETAs but gimme an email or other means of contact and I'll keep you updated!

This is to help earn moneys for the sudden move so getting anything from a sketch to an icon to a waist up simple soft shade would be great! I'd appreciate it so much! And if you can't afford a commission, sharing this around would help as well :D

Thanks for all the support so far, and looking forward to make the transition from city to city as smooth as possible.

Love you all!

Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❤

Return of the Taala: May Update09/05/16

Hello everyone!

I am now officially back from my hiatus in April. I had a wonderful break that really helped me realise a few things around my personal life, my art work and various other bits and pieces. It was also my first time being on anti-depressants, so having that adjustment time was really good. I've had no ill side effects at all so far. Spent a lot of time catching up on children's animated films. Heck, I've seen everything I wanted to see by now, well as much as I recalled.

I also had a holiday with my husband Thomas at the end of April where I went to see my parents who live in another town, and we travelled to Mt. Ruapehu, a mostly inactive volcano. It was my first time on a chair lift (which was terrifying but I survived) and I got to walk around for a little while. On return, my husband and I house sat for a friend who has two adorable kitties who we took care of while my friend was away.

So, on this break before my holiday at the end, I learnt a few things about myself.

1. I was definitely a social media addict. I had intense withdrawal symptoms in the first week, but luckily I'm completely over it now. I no longer feel I MUST check my Facebook, Twitter etc. Which is good. Instead, I have two apps to help me learn German in my down time. Much more productive!

2. I like having some company - but not a lot, and not very often. I missed chatting to a few friends online, and sought to chat at the later end of April. So, it showed I do like having some social contact. However, I don't feel comfortable in large meet ups. Not at all, especially with hugs from people I barely know. (Do ask to hug me first if you ever meet me, I'm very socially anxious and may not always be in the mood for close contact, thank you!)

and 3. I have a so/so ratio between being productive with commissions and feeling out of energy to do anything. This comes from the fact I can concentrate really well for hours on end, but I'm way too cautious about my wrist pains. And once I'm disrupted, it's difficult getting back into the working head space. So that's something I'll be working on for myself - balancing more art work hours with plenty of short breaks, making sure the disruption isn't too great.

It was a good month of rest and figuring out things for myself. I have a better idea of who I am and a better understanding of how my work ethics go. (Which is - unpredictable but working on it!)

Now to the important points of this update for people.

1. Drawfest Table for Wellington Armageddon Convention in NZ: I'll be making an entire post just for this but just saying that things are underway to ensure a spot. I'll be doing a call out for artists in Wellington and other places soon!

2. Commissions: I currently have 2 on the go - the huge 7 character picture and a concept picture, both for the same person. After this week, I'll be seeing if I can take on any more, but also open up badge commissions for the upcoming Wellington Armageddon convention. Also, I've decided to look for part time work again, so I can assist my wonderful husband Thomas in not only meeting bills, but also possibly saving money as well. My completion speed is still slow, so having another job on the side would help for sure. (In the mean time, still gonna try to do commission art full time.)

3. I am now contactable on my platforms, as well as 2 new ones! I now have an Instagram and Snapchat! Look for 'taala' or 'taalaruhun' and I'm sure you will find me! I'll not be checking my social media as often as before, but certainly more often than not at all.

On a side note, Feral Book 3 by my friend DrDubz on FA is now officially in the works to be finished as I've done all my pages! So I know how it all goes down, you guys, it's just amazing <3 - do get a copy when it's out!

So, all is pretty well with Taala, I hope all is well with you guys too!

✿ - Tammy/Taala

Incommunicado for April28/03/16

Hi there, here is my end of March/start of April update.

As many of you may have seen before with my previous journal on the topic of copyright - I've not been updating much. I've been having a a hard time with my anxiety & have been backlashed with depression. Coping with both has been really difficult after some Internet and IRL drama.

So, I've decided for the whole month of April, I will not be online and I will not be going to any public meet ups. (My only exception is the Zootopia film screening arranged by New Zealand furries.)

This means I will not be checking Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. My chats will be off and anyone wanting to get in touch may do so via email: taalaruhun[at]gmail.com (I will only respond to commission status updates and important information I need to know.) I will only open Skype up once a day to check messages there, and will be invisible doing so. (Please don't ask for my Skype, if you have it already, it means I've already established that communication).

I've decided to do this communication hiatus after a long thought of how I feel socially. It's no one's fault, and this is a decision I came to on my own. I would like time to consider who are my friends, who I will share any information with and how I can protect myself from negativity online and offline. I've been doing so much for others, after a while I've neglected myself. I'm now giving myself that time.

What will I be doing all of April then? So much. I'm still helping out DrDubz with his comic Feral, adding shading and such. I also will be doing backlogged commissions as well as other possible commission work discussed beforehand.

After that, I'll be looking at my online shops and updating them - as well as giving my Patreon a makeover to hopefully have people actually care about it. If I'm lucky, maybe a bit of writing and my own personal art work. The last week of April - I 'll be visiting my family in another city.

Hopefully, this means that in May I can actually be OPEN for commissions and have some cool stuff to show off.

In the mean time, thank you to all of you who have supported me this far, and don't worry, this is not goodbye forever. I'll be back in the next month!

Take care sweeties~ til I return!

- Taala ❤️ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

On Artwork and Character Copyrights09/03/16

[Edit: I've reconsidered the clause in my ToS about printing/selling an artwork if I never hear back from the other party involved.]

Hey! It's Taala! I thought to update you guys on something that's been on my mind.

Recently, I asked myself something after an artist friend pointed out to me: "Selling commissions as posters - is that alright?"

And then I asked myself: "Would I be okay with another artist - selling my OC Taala as a poster - without mention it was a commission/trade/gift art etc.?"

That's when the penny dropped.

It's always been in my Terms of Service that I maintain the right to all my artworks. AND that I may make posters or other merchandise of said artwork.

BUT I think I would like to ask people anyway.

So firstly, apologies to anyone who I have already done physical posters of their artwork they have commissioned, art traded or I have gifted, and sold at conventions.
For all my current posters, I have hopefully already informed and asked.

I never really thought about it before until I recently had a look at artwork rights and character/intellectual property rights - and how those two sit together.

So, from now on, I will be personally asking people getting commissions, doing art trades and receiving gift art from me, if it's okay for me to sell it as prints/merchandise.

People who say yes: I offer a free poster if they can pay the shipping for it. I will also include (on all prints of the artwork) their character name, and who the character belongs to, as well as on which website the name can be found on, and on all future reprints. On merch - I'll try and do the same 'character belongs to' depending on the size of the merchandise.

People who say no: I apologize again for not having considered this in the first place. Yes, it was in my ToS - but having learnt barely anyone reads those any more, I've just been retroactively asking, as well as from now on asking with each artwork I produce. So I'll remove the art from any online shops and from any physical portfolios for conventions.

People who need time to think on it: I understand if you need some time to think about it, but please reply when you can, communication is really appreciated. If I don't hear back from you within two weeks of asking, I'll contact you and check again. If I still don't hear back, I'll assume you do not want the artwork printed or sold.

All I'd ask - is please understand this was not me trying to be deliberately under-handed. This was my own ignorance on the subject - and have only reached this understanding on my own now, so I've taken action on it.

I've updated my ToS in the 'Rights and Disclaimers' part of it in regards to my epiphany. http://taalaruhun.com/tos#rights

Thank you for your understanding.


What's next for me? - Update for March29/02/16

Hello there!

It's been a while since I updated so I thought to just do a write up for the past month of February and what's to come in March.

In my previous post, I mentioned FurCoNZ which happened near the beginning of February, was amazing! Even though I had to be in the Art Room as Staff for most of the day - it was well worth it! I'm glad to have met some great NZ furries, and gotten quite some post-con commissions and such! I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Now, after the convention, I also stated I was going to study. I trialed for one week and the result was no, no I can't go back to a study environment. The sheer amount it affected me mental health was not worth another piece of parchment that will not lead me to a job. If you want more details, read this post.

So this year, I'm going to first try and be a full time commission artist, and if I can, fit in an online study course. I already know the places to look for Graphic Design learning :)

This means, I better catch up on my backlog as much as possible so I can be OPEN again! Feel free to keep an eye on my Art Queue for where I'm up to in commissions, art trades and other art! As well as my website: http://taalaruhun.com for my Commission Status and my main hub for arts, other creative things, shop and updates.

And currently, I'm also working on DrDubz's Feral comic and have finished 15 pages so far! Woo!

Also, speaking of Shops, I'm going to do a big update to my online stores as well as adding a new one! An international t-shirt one so people overseas can access my designs :) - I've ordered a personal t-shirt from there so once I receive it and know it's quality - I'll be updating that one as well!

And as the year goes on, I'll dust off my Patreon and actually learn how to utilise it since it is this year I plan to make my comics anyway as well as be a full time commission artist.

*sighs* It's been a struggle having anxiety and depression, as it limited me to my study as a school. However, I'm not going to let these mental disabilities keep me down. I've had a lot of people remind me that I'm worth keeping around. Gifts out of nowhere, lots of kind words of support, and of course, my loving husband Thomas who has to endure the worst of me, and loves me no less. Thank you, and thank you to all my supporters!

Now, I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but with every success, I know one of the people who I cared about - who took his own life too soon - wants me to fight the things in my head and not let them get me like it got him. He believed in me, my art, and how far I'll go - and being alive to flourish as that successful artist, will keep him alive in me.

I won't give up. I am a beautiful, sweet and amazing creative. I have a great year ahead of me, and I look forward to sharing it with all of you. Let's see what I can do! :D

❤︎ - Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Back from FurCoNZ09/02/16

Hello! I have now returned from my local furry convention FurCoNZ .

It was quite a fun event and goodness, even if I was stuck in the Art Room as the main staff to look after it. I took plenty of breaks to see and do other things don't worry!

Though, I managed to do so well with commissions I've ended up having post con art to do as well!
So I'll be tied up for that for a while ^^; - hopefully not too long >.>;

My panel talk 'Art For Pay' was also a good success - got to say hopefully a lot of useful things and had great discussions with other people during it.

It was lovely getting to meet many New Zealand furries - it was lovely to put faces to names :)

I'm just doing a lot of messaging to people and accounts, as well as overall recovering from the convention.

So I hope you all have been doing well in my absence, and look forward to seeing plenty of art from me.

Also thought to mention, I'll be starting my Graphic &Web Design study course in one week from now. Which will impact my time I can spend on commissions, but for now - I'll try my best.

Still working on DrDubz's Feral comic and working up to getting those last wild card commissions done.

For now - a lil rest for sure.

You guys take care! Thanks for all the support!

♥ ~ Taala

Away at FurCoNZ04/02/16

And so the time has finally come!
I'll be away from the 4th of February til 8th February at the local furry convention FurCoNZ .

There is no internet or reception at the site so it'll be quiet on my end for all that time.

To all the New Zealand furries going - I'll be taking on the spot commissions for the whole time for Taala's FurCoNZ Price Guide

and I'll be in the Art Room as the one to talk to about art related things!

To everyone else - have an awesome weekend and I'll see you when I get back :)

♥ - Taala

A Small Update about FurCoNZ and Feral Comic29/01/16

Just a lil heads up that apart from doing art related things for my local furry convention FurCoNZ- I’ve also been adding flat colours and soon shading to DrDubz​ comic Feral - Book 3. So I’m busy helping out with 2 projects at once ^^;

In between, I’ll be working on my talk 'Art for Pay: Taking and Requesting Commissions' at my own panel at FurCoNZ and if possible, the wildcard commissions.

However, the Feral comic and FurCoNZ are my priority at the moment.

Then, I'll be the main Art Staff in the Art Room at FurCoNZ from 4th February until 8th February, taking on-the-spot commissions, judging a comic competition, and generally helping out with art related stuff ^^.

Thank you guys for your continuous support and to all the New Zealand furries going to FurCoNZ - I'll see you there~!

♥ - Taala

January - A New Year and such!04/01/16

Hello my darlings~

This is my return from vacation journal! I had a pretty okay time, glad to see my BFF Pinkgoggles and family again. I have learnt though I'm not a fan of camping. Never again ^^;

I've also made a few new year resolutions I'm pretty proud of!

1. Stop hating your body type. It's Taala's, which means it is beautiful and sexy <3

2. Stop hating your personal art and doodles. Let yourself enjoy art for art, not just your work. Draw Taala more.

3. Stop hating who broke your heart, who betrayed you, who used you, who hurt you, who disowned you. And forgive. Forgive like a tiny fae dragoness.

4. Stop hating the fact you are a creative. Draw art. Write stories. Sing and make music. Stop being afraid to do. Let the Taala in you shine.

5. Stop hating. Love. Like Taala loves. Let yourself love yourself, your husband, family, friends, life.

Basically, I aim to be more like my OC Taala :D I know I'll have to work hard towards these, but I'll give it a shot!

Anyway, I'll be off from doing art til after the 6th of January as it's my husband Thomas's birthday on the 5th. When I resume, I will be doing the 2 Wildcard Commissions from last year, relaxing in some practice. I'd say about mid-January I may be open for commissions again, but we will see how I go!

I'm also preparing for my local furry convention FurCoNZ as art staff and doing a 2 hour panel on Commissions! If any of you have any questions or ideas for it, feel free to comment as it'll be useful for when I'm preparing my talk. :)

I'm still taking t-shirt orders for FurCoNZ til the 10th of January - so Click here to order!

The convention is in early February but it's always good to be prepared sooner than later! ^^

So I'll see you all when I do! Take care people! And Happy New Year! :)

<3 ~ Taa

December Update and Holiday!23/12/15

Hiya peeps!

So I managed to sneak in a few finished commissions before my holiday, but I still have a backlog of 2 wildcard commissions to do when I return. Since I do those in my free time, my early January is gonna be relaxed :D

I'll be away from most communications and such from the 22nd December til the 31st December. Then, I'll be on and off as it's also my husband's birthday close to New Year's and at the end of January our wedding anniversary @.@ - so many dates of relevance!

After all that, I'll be having a look at my website, my online stores, my Patreon, and other places I'll need to update a bit.

Then come February, it will be the local furry convention FurCoNZ where I'll be holding a panel and helping as a staff member :) - I'm also currently doing designs for the convention's official T-Shirt! Check it out here: https://www.furconz.org.nz/furconz-official-t-shirt

And then after that, I'll be starting study as I've been accepted into the course I wanted to do, while balancing being an assistant artist to DrDubz for his anthro comic Feral .

So plenty to look forward!

Happy Holidays everyone and take care, see you in the New Year!! :D

~ Taa <3

November Update!19/11/15

Thought to start it off with what month it is since my last journal was about Halloween. Goodness, my arms were wrecked after that last commission run, but I have recovered quite well! I'm back into the regular swing of things!

General Update:
Firstly, my wonderful husband Thomas has landed himself a part time job! He's been going for training days and it's looking like a really good job so far. I'm very proud of him~ <3

And I'm pretty okay, even with the passing a few months ago of my dear friend. I'm part of staff as head of the Art Room at my local furry convention FurCoNZ, so that's pretty exciting! I've also been socialising more, patching up past relationships and keeping safe. I see a bright and productive future ahead :)

Commission Update:
My Commission Status is Limited!
1. Josef - Detailed Soft Shading Part 1 - Paid
2. Shi'ran - Wildcard - Paid
3. Shi'ran - 2 Soft-Shaded Icons - Paid
4. Imagy? - Flats

Art Trades:
(Not taking on any new ones at the moment)
1. Lonewolf

Right now I have an ongoing one, and have started the first part of it. I also have a backlog of one as well I'll be trying to make a start at, as well as one pending payment. So I'd say I have one slot open for a commission $30USD and below in value:D (since those ones are quicker to do). So, icons, sketches, linearts, flats, that sort of thing. :)

So yeah, that's about it. Another journal will be about what holidays I'll be doing and anything else that'll pop up. So for now, thank you all who have been supporting me through all this time, and keep being awesome! ^^

♥~ Taa

All gone - thanks for the interest!11/11/15

So here finally is my halloween special just in time before it wasn't halloween anymore~

SO MY MAIN 4 COMMISSION TYPES HAVE 31% OFF!! (the overall quoted commission)

That would be flats, cel-shade, simple soft shade and detailed soft shade! Examples here:


Simple Soft-Shaded

Detailed Soft-Shaded

1. MUST BE SFW (sexy is fine, but if it goes up to the borderline, I'll be making a more SFW version to show to a more general audience)
2. Must have visual ref of the character, and only a single character in the scene
3. I will be making a halloween sky background, and will be using this for all of them (with minor variations)
4. Props such as brooms, magic books etc. are $5 extra
5. Familiars such as cats or chibis are $10 extra

The scene is basically the character in flight, as a witch/wizard/sorcerer etc. either by broom, magic, missile - any simple prop.


1. diskofox
2. shiran.zyon
3. josef0815

My ToS still stands --> ToS Link

If you're interested, feel free to email me or contact me on various other sites HERE --> Contact

Happy Halloweeny~! :)

- Taa

Memorial, Study & General Update!29/09/15

Alrighty, time to do the update thing!

As many of you may know, a good friend of mine committed suicide recently and we've had his memorial over the past weekend. I got to say in front of a room full of people what he meant to me, and that was good. We also had a great after-party to honour him.

In lighter news, I've been accepted into my next step of study (even sorted out the loan, yay!!) & I'm really excited for it. Finally, I'll get to do a course in Graphic Design, which will enable be to understand the subject a lot more. It starts mid February next year, so plenty of prep time.

Other bits...currently I also have my lil sister visiting for a week, and then leaving to go see the rest of my family in another city.
So I'll try and fit art work in between. I've also been doing my bit of Spring Cleaning to make my environment a better environment to be in. All to keep my mind clearer and hopefully less stressed!

Now for the parts peeps care about:

Commission status: still closed - however I plan to open a Halloween theme commission thing when I come back from my early October trip. I've been gradually returning to owed art so don't worry, I'll get there!!

Life status: been struggling emotionally due to recent events but I feel like I can bounce back better now. Things I feel will improve.

Gaming status: I am currently playing Animal Crossing New Leaf as my form of stress relief and oh man I'M LOVING IT <3 - I love sweet lil make friends & have fun pick up-put down kinda games.

So yeah, hope you guys are doing well, and take care all of ya!

- Taa

One Swood Guy - A Tribute12/11/15


Thought to sum it up in a tumblr post. This has been heart breaking for everyone involved and I just want to say I feel so much for Sarah, the lovely friend who wlll be facing a lot of pain around the love of her life's death. I will be strong to support her and wish for everyone to console her.

I will be quite out of action regarding commissions and art for a long time, as this has been a tragedy for everyone involved.

Thank you for understanding.

Time to clear backlog!15/08/15

Hi peeps!

I've been on and off sick but it seems I'm finally recovering from recent events to touch art again. It took a day of practice to feel less rusty but I'm glad I managed to finish off a recent piece.

I still have to do a lot of dog work in the week to make sure my husband and I can keep supporting ourselves until I do my big change over, but in the gaps I'll be catching up with art I owe from months ago >.>;

So right now, I have 1 owed big commission of a 2 character scene I need to do sketch changes to and attempt to finish - and then a whole lot of art trades!
I'm prioritizing trades as there have been many people who have given art to me, and it's been a long time for my end. So it's about time I clear that up ^^;

I already have a few people lined up for commission quotes and I'll get back to them as soon as possible, I just don't want to rush into things too quickly after a hefty knock back. If I want to make art my living, I really need to ensure I have many safety nets just in case. Mentally and money wise o-o;

So yeah, keep an eye here cause I'll have special announcements towards the end of this month having to do with me attempting 3D again and a special for my fave holiday of the year - Halloween!

Thanks for all the peeps who asked after me when things got stressful, I really appreciate it! For now, all of you take care!

- Tammy/Taala

Back home and gonna take a break03/08/15

So basically a rather disruptive situation has arised and I may need to take a break from art and commissions for a while. It's been a rather stressful time and I'll be needing sometime to settle. Thank you for understanding!
If you want the story, Click Here
- Taala/Tammy

Wellington Armageddon and AWAY!15/07/15

Hello again!

Just mentioning it's convention time again! As well as my away dates.

I'll be attending a New Zealand Convention in Wellington called Armageddon Expo between the 17th & 18th of July. I'll be hosting a stand for artists to display their stuff called DrawfestNZ. I'll be there for 2 out of the 3 days selling posters, keyrings and doing on-the-spot commissions. I've got work on Sunday so my husband will be supervising then. Come and say hi if you're about, more info here: Armageddon Expo

Almost exactly afterwards, I have to be away from my work station (my PC Josephine) to house sit for my family. This means I won't be able to work on my commissions and such. I'll be back 30th July.

I will use this time to actually keep writing out my comic scripts to the point I may make My Patreon actually do something. I want to work towards my personal projects so having this week away may help in that regard.

So! I wish you all well and maybe even see you at the convention!
Take care!

☕ Tammy/Taala

Update for July10/07/15

And so! We come to the end of the first week of July and things have been improving! I've also been very busy. You can see this in my gallery recently!

Firstly, I'll be attending a New Zealand Convention in Wellington called Armageddon Expo between the 17th & 18th of July. I'll be hosting a stand for artists to display their stuff called DrawfestNZ. I'll be there for 2 out of the 3 days selling posters, keyrings and doing on-the-spot commissions. I've got work on Sunday so my husband will be supervising then. Come and say hi if you're about, more info here: Armageddon Expo

Secondly, I've updated a few of my prices in the top end as I've calculated my hourly rate better. Feel free to check out the new prices here: Pricelist

My commission status is also set to "Limited" - which means I'm happy to take on a few commissions that are under $30. I still have a backlog of bigger commissions and art trades, so only smaller, faster ones will be taken on :3

My To Do List is as follows:
Full commissions: 1 two character scene, 1 tattoo
Pending: 1 wildcard , 1 project of clothing designs, 1 project of vector icons

Small commissions: 1 icon commission
Pending: ? - quoted a few people and asked others who were interested.

So that's it so far - I'll be away at some point this month but I'll let that be in another new post. So for now, take it easy!

♥ Tammy/Taala

Taala Ruhun's Store22/06/15

Hey guys! Check out the Shop part of my website!
I've got two stores opened up!

One is through a clothing store called Print Mighty

A New Zealand based store that does awesome t-shirts & hoodies, as well as a double print option! Remember, prices are in NZD and excluding shipping. Best to choose the $8 untracked shipping, I've used it and it hasn't failed me yet! The other shipping option is a bit steep.

Here's me in a Print Mighty shirt!:

And the other store is Red Bubble:
This is an overseas based one and also offers clothing alongside posters, phone cases, scarves, stickers and all that kinda stuff. So prices are in USD and excludes shipping as well.

I'll be adding more stores at some point in the future as well so keep an eye on this website!

Website, Art Block, and Where I'm Headin'20/06/15

It's been a while since the last time I updated. There's a few things I've been wanting to address. My new website, how art things have been going, and what else is going on.

So firstly, I have a new website! Thanks to my beloved husband Thomas for making my web design come to life! Almost literally as my tiny Taala would show~ <3 Please feel free to have a look around!

Secondly, to explain my long silence, I've been going through a really tough time with my art and creativity. So apologies to people who have been a waiting a long time for my commissions, I have been trying little by little to get back into it.
I know it's a phase at least, so bare with me, I'll steadily recover back to carry on with art and commissions.

And lastly, in the mean time I've been thinking and wandering about my stories, my comic ideas, and what I want out of life. I'll be helping and working with my husband to assist a friend to give his comic an awesome reboot! Astigian. I'll also be assisting DrDubz again when the time comes with his.

Thank you for your understanding, and to all of those who have been supportive this whole time. I really appreciate it.


At last!23/05/15

My new site is finally complete!
This is very exciting for me, as now I have somewhere of my own to put all my art and news, before putting them on any other sites.
I'll be posting what I'm doing, what I plan to do, and what I hope to do, here in the news.
So keep an eye out! There's bound to be more great things showing up here soon!