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Taala Ruhun's Store22/06/15

Hey guys! Check out the Shop part of my website!
I've got two stores opened up!

One is through a clothing store called Print Mighty

A New Zealand based store that does awesome t-shirts & hoodies, as well as a double print option! Remember, prices are in NZD and excluding shipping. Best to choose the $8 untracked shipping, I've used it and it hasn't failed me yet! The other shipping option is a bit steep.

Here's me in a Print Mighty shirt!:

And the other store is Red Bubble:
This is an overseas based one and also offers clothing alongside posters, phone cases, scarves, stickers and all that kinda stuff. So prices are in USD and excludes shipping as well.

I'll be adding more stores at some point in the future as well so keep an eye on this website!