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Update for July10/07/15

And so! We come to the end of the first week of July and things have been improving! I've also been very busy. You can see this in my gallery recently!

Firstly, I'll be attending a New Zealand Convention in Wellington called Armageddon Expo between the 17th & 18th of July. I'll be hosting a stand for artists to display their stuff called DrawfestNZ. I'll be there for 2 out of the 3 days selling posters, keyrings and doing on-the-spot commissions. I've got work on Sunday so my husband will be supervising then. Come and say hi if you're about, more info here: Armageddon Expo

Secondly, I've updated a few of my prices in the top end as I've calculated my hourly rate better. Feel free to check out the new prices here: Pricelist

My commission status is also set to "Limited" - which means I'm happy to take on a few commissions that are under $30. I still have a backlog of bigger commissions and art trades, so only smaller, faster ones will be taken on :3

My To Do List is as follows:
Full commissions: 1 two character scene, 1 tattoo
Pending: 1 wildcard , 1 project of clothing designs, 1 project of vector icons

Small commissions: 1 icon commission
Pending: ? - quoted a few people and asked others who were interested.

So that's it so far - I'll be away at some point this month but I'll let that be in another new post. So for now, take it easy!

♥ Tammy/Taala