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Memorial, Study & General Update!29/09/15

Alrighty, time to do the update thing!

As many of you may know, a good friend of mine committed suicide recently and we've had his memorial over the past weekend. I got to say in front of a room full of people what he meant to me, and that was good. We also had a great after-party to honour him.

In lighter news, I've been accepted into my next step of study (even sorted out the loan, yay!!) & I'm really excited for it. Finally, I'll get to do a course in Graphic Design, which will enable be to understand the subject a lot more. It starts mid February next year, so plenty of prep time.

Other bits...currently I also have my lil sister visiting for a week, and then leaving to go see the rest of my family in another city.
So I'll try and fit art work in between. I've also been doing my bit of Spring Cleaning to make my environment a better environment to be in. All to keep my mind clearer and hopefully less stressed!

Now for the parts peeps care about:

Commission status: still closed - however I plan to open a Halloween theme commission thing when I come back from my early October trip. I've been gradually returning to owed art so don't worry, I'll get there!!

Life status: been struggling emotionally due to recent events but I feel like I can bounce back better now. Things I feel will improve.

Gaming status: I am currently playing Animal Crossing New Leaf as my form of stress relief and oh man I'M LOVING IT <3 - I love sweet lil make friends & have fun pick up-put down kinda games.

So yeah, hope you guys are doing well, and take care all of ya!

- Taa