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November Update!19/11/15

Thought to start it off with what month it is since my last journal was about Halloween. Goodness, my arms were wrecked after that last commission run, but I have recovered quite well! I'm back into the regular swing of things!

General Update:
Firstly, my wonderful husband Thomas has landed himself a part time job! He's been going for training days and it's looking like a really good job so far. I'm very proud of him~ <3

And I'm pretty okay, even with the passing a few months ago of my dear friend. I'm part of staff as head of the Art Room at my local furry convention FurCoNZ, so that's pretty exciting! I've also been socialising more, patching up past relationships and keeping safe. I see a bright and productive future ahead :)

Commission Update:
My Commission Status is Limited!
1. Josef - Detailed Soft Shading Part 1 - Paid
2. Shi'ran - Wildcard - Paid
3. Shi'ran - 2 Soft-Shaded Icons - Paid
4. Imagy? - Flats

Art Trades:
(Not taking on any new ones at the moment)
1. Lonewolf

Right now I have an ongoing one, and have started the first part of it. I also have a backlog of one as well I'll be trying to make a start at, as well as one pending payment. So I'd say I have one slot open for a commission $30USD and below in value:D (since those ones are quicker to do). So, icons, sketches, linearts, flats, that sort of thing. :)

So yeah, that's about it. Another journal will be about what holidays I'll be doing and anything else that'll pop up. So for now, thank you all who have been supporting me through all this time, and keep being awesome! ^^

♥~ Taa