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December Update and Holiday!23/12/15

Hiya peeps!

So I managed to sneak in a few finished commissions before my holiday, but I still have a backlog of 2 wildcard commissions to do when I return. Since I do those in my free time, my early January is gonna be relaxed :D

I'll be away from most communications and such from the 22nd December til the 31st December. Then, I'll be on and off as it's also my husband's birthday close to New Year's and at the end of January our wedding anniversary @.@ - so many dates of relevance!

After all that, I'll be having a look at my website, my online stores, my Patreon, and other places I'll need to update a bit.

Then come February, it will be the local furry convention FurCoNZ where I'll be holding a panel and helping as a staff member :) - I'm also currently doing designs for the convention's official T-Shirt! Check it out here: https://www.furconz.org.nz/furconz-official-t-shirt

And then after that, I'll be starting study as I've been accepted into the course I wanted to do, while balancing being an assistant artist to DrDubz for his anthro comic Feral .

So plenty to look forward!

Happy Holidays everyone and take care, see you in the New Year!! :D

~ Taa <3