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January - A New Year and such!04/01/16

Hello my darlings~

This is my return from vacation journal! I had a pretty okay time, glad to see my BFF Pinkgoggles and family again. I have learnt though I'm not a fan of camping. Never again ^^;

I've also made a few new year resolutions I'm pretty proud of!

1. Stop hating your body type. It's Taala's, which means it is beautiful and sexy <3

2. Stop hating your personal art and doodles. Let yourself enjoy art for art, not just your work. Draw Taala more.

3. Stop hating who broke your heart, who betrayed you, who used you, who hurt you, who disowned you. And forgive. Forgive like a tiny fae dragoness.

4. Stop hating the fact you are a creative. Draw art. Write stories. Sing and make music. Stop being afraid to do. Let the Taala in you shine.

5. Stop hating. Love. Like Taala loves. Let yourself love yourself, your husband, family, friends, life.

Basically, I aim to be more like my OC Taala :D I know I'll have to work hard towards these, but I'll give it a shot!

Anyway, I'll be off from doing art til after the 6th of January as it's my husband Thomas's birthday on the 5th. When I resume, I will be doing the 2 Wildcard Commissions from last year, relaxing in some practice. I'd say about mid-January I may be open for commissions again, but we will see how I go!

I'm also preparing for my local furry convention FurCoNZ as art staff and doing a 2 hour panel on Commissions! If any of you have any questions or ideas for it, feel free to comment as it'll be useful for when I'm preparing my talk. :)

I'm still taking t-shirt orders for FurCoNZ til the 10th of January - so Click here to order!

The convention is in early February but it's always good to be prepared sooner than later! ^^

So I'll see you all when I do! Take care people! And Happy New Year! :)

<3 ~ Taa