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A Small Update about FurCoNZ and Feral Comic29/01/16

Just a lil heads up that apart from doing art related things for my local furry convention FurCoNZ- I’ve also been adding flat colours and soon shading to DrDubz​ comic Feral - Book 3. So I’m busy helping out with 2 projects at once ^^;

In between, I’ll be working on my talk 'Art for Pay: Taking and Requesting Commissions' at my own panel at FurCoNZ and if possible, the wildcard commissions.

However, the Feral comic and FurCoNZ are my priority at the moment.

Then, I'll be the main Art Staff in the Art Room at FurCoNZ from 4th February until 8th February, taking on-the-spot commissions, judging a comic competition, and generally helping out with art related stuff ^^.

Thank you guys for your continuous support and to all the New Zealand furries going to FurCoNZ - I'll see you there~!

♥ - Taala