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Back from FurCoNZ09/02/16

Hello! I have now returned from my local furry convention FurCoNZ .

It was quite a fun event and goodness, even if I was stuck in the Art Room as the main staff to look after it. I took plenty of breaks to see and do other things don't worry!

Though, I managed to do so well with commissions I've ended up having post con art to do as well!
So I'll be tied up for that for a while ^^; - hopefully not too long >.>;

My panel talk 'Art For Pay' was also a good success - got to say hopefully a lot of useful things and had great discussions with other people during it.

It was lovely getting to meet many New Zealand furries - it was lovely to put faces to names :)

I'm just doing a lot of messaging to people and accounts, as well as overall recovering from the convention.

So I hope you all have been doing well in my absence, and look forward to seeing plenty of art from me.

Also thought to mention, I'll be starting my Graphic &Web Design study course in one week from now. Which will impact my time I can spend on commissions, but for now - I'll try my best.

Still working on DrDubz's Feral comic and working up to getting those last wild card commissions done.

For now - a lil rest for sure.

You guys take care! Thanks for all the support!

♥ ~ Taala