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On Artwork and Character Copyrights09/03/16

[Edit: I've reconsidered the clause in my ToS about printing/selling an artwork if I never hear back from the other party involved.]

Hey! It's Taala! I thought to update you guys on something that's been on my mind.

Recently, I asked myself something after an artist friend pointed out to me: "Selling commissions as posters - is that alright?"

And then I asked myself: "Would I be okay with another artist - selling my OC Taala as a poster - without mention it was a commission/trade/gift art etc.?"

That's when the penny dropped.

It's always been in my Terms of Service that I maintain the right to all my artworks. AND that I may make posters or other merchandise of said artwork.

BUT I think I would like to ask people anyway.

So firstly, apologies to anyone who I have already done physical posters of their artwork they have commissioned, art traded or I have gifted, and sold at conventions.
For all my current posters, I have hopefully already informed and asked.

I never really thought about it before until I recently had a look at artwork rights and character/intellectual property rights - and how those two sit together.

So, from now on, I will be personally asking people getting commissions, doing art trades and receiving gift art from me, if it's okay for me to sell it as prints/merchandise.

People who say yes: I offer a free poster if they can pay the shipping for it. I will also include (on all prints of the artwork) their character name, and who the character belongs to, as well as on which website the name can be found on, and on all future reprints. On merch - I'll try and do the same 'character belongs to' depending on the size of the merchandise.

People who say no: I apologize again for not having considered this in the first place. Yes, it was in my ToS - but having learnt barely anyone reads those any more, I've just been retroactively asking, as well as from now on asking with each artwork I produce. So I'll remove the art from any online shops and from any physical portfolios for conventions.

People who need time to think on it: I understand if you need some time to think about it, but please reply when you can, communication is really appreciated. If I don't hear back from you within two weeks of asking, I'll contact you and check again. If I still don't hear back, I'll assume you do not want the artwork printed or sold.

All I'd ask - is please understand this was not me trying to be deliberately under-handed. This was my own ignorance on the subject - and have only reached this understanding on my own now, so I've taken action on it.

I've updated my ToS in the 'Rights and Disclaimers' part of it in regards to my epiphany. http://taalaruhun.com/tos#rights

Thank you for your understanding.