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Incommunicado for April28/03/16

Hi there, here is my end of March/start of April update.

As many of you may have seen before with my previous journal on the topic of copyright - I've not been updating much. I've been having a a hard time with my anxiety & have been backlashed with depression. Coping with both has been really difficult after some Internet and IRL drama.

So, I've decided for the whole month of April, I will not be online and I will not be going to any public meet ups. (My only exception is the Zootopia film screening arranged by New Zealand furries.)

This means I will not be checking Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. My chats will be off and anyone wanting to get in touch may do so via email: taalaruhun[at]gmail.com (I will only respond to commission status updates and important information I need to know.) I will only open Skype up once a day to check messages there, and will be invisible doing so. (Please don't ask for my Skype, if you have it already, it means I've already established that communication).

I've decided to do this communication hiatus after a long thought of how I feel socially. It's no one's fault, and this is a decision I came to on my own. I would like time to consider who are my friends, who I will share any information with and how I can protect myself from negativity online and offline. I've been doing so much for others, after a while I've neglected myself. I'm now giving myself that time.

What will I be doing all of April then? So much. I'm still helping out DrDubz with his comic Feral, adding shading and such. I also will be doing backlogged commissions as well as other possible commission work discussed beforehand.

After that, I'll be looking at my online shops and updating them - as well as giving my Patreon a makeover to hopefully have people actually care about it. If I'm lucky, maybe a bit of writing and my own personal art work. The last week of April - I 'll be visiting my family in another city.

Hopefully, this means that in May I can actually be OPEN for commissions and have some cool stuff to show off.

In the mean time, thank you to all of you who have supported me this far, and don't worry, this is not goodbye forever. I'll be back in the next month!

Take care sweeties~ til I return!

- Taala ❤️ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧