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Return of the Taala: May Update09/05/16

Hello everyone!

I am now officially back from my hiatus in April. I had a wonderful break that really helped me realise a few things around my personal life, my art work and various other bits and pieces. It was also my first time being on anti-depressants, so having that adjustment time was really good. I've had no ill side effects at all so far. Spent a lot of time catching up on children's animated films. Heck, I've seen everything I wanted to see by now, well as much as I recalled.

I also had a holiday with my husband Thomas at the end of April where I went to see my parents who live in another town, and we travelled to Mt. Ruapehu, a mostly inactive volcano. It was my first time on a chair lift (which was terrifying but I survived) and I got to walk around for a little while. On return, my husband and I house sat for a friend who has two adorable kitties who we took care of while my friend was away.

So, on this break before my holiday at the end, I learnt a few things about myself.

1. I was definitely a social media addict. I had intense withdrawal symptoms in the first week, but luckily I'm completely over it now. I no longer feel I MUST check my Facebook, Twitter etc. Which is good. Instead, I have two apps to help me learn German in my down time. Much more productive!

2. I like having some company - but not a lot, and not very often. I missed chatting to a few friends online, and sought to chat at the later end of April. So, it showed I do like having some social contact. However, I don't feel comfortable in large meet ups. Not at all, especially with hugs from people I barely know. (Do ask to hug me first if you ever meet me, I'm very socially anxious and may not always be in the mood for close contact, thank you!)

and 3. I have a so/so ratio between being productive with commissions and feeling out of energy to do anything. This comes from the fact I can concentrate really well for hours on end, but I'm way too cautious about my wrist pains. And once I'm disrupted, it's difficult getting back into the working head space. So that's something I'll be working on for myself - balancing more art work hours with plenty of short breaks, making sure the disruption isn't too great.

It was a good month of rest and figuring out things for myself. I have a better idea of who I am and a better understanding of how my work ethics go. (Which is - unpredictable but working on it!)

Now to the important points of this update for people.

1. Drawfest Table for Wellington Armageddon Convention in NZ: I'll be making an entire post just for this but just saying that things are underway to ensure a spot. I'll be doing a call out for artists in Wellington and other places soon!

2. Commissions: I currently have 2 on the go - the huge 7 character picture and a concept picture, both for the same person. After this week, I'll be seeing if I can take on any more, but also open up badge commissions for the upcoming Wellington Armageddon convention. Also, I've decided to look for part time work again, so I can assist my wonderful husband Thomas in not only meeting bills, but also possibly saving money as well. My completion speed is still slow, so having another job on the side would help for sure. (In the mean time, still gonna try to do commission art full time.)

3. I am now contactable on my platforms, as well as 2 new ones! I now have an Instagram and Snapchat! Look for 'taala' or 'taalaruhun' and I'm sure you will find me! I'll not be checking my social media as often as before, but certainly more often than not at all.

On a side note, Feral Book 3 by my friend DrDubz on FA is now officially in the works to be finished as I've done all my pages! So I know how it all goes down, you guys, it's just amazing <3 - do get a copy when it's out!

So, all is pretty well with Taala, I hope all is well with you guys too!

✿ - Tammy/Taala