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Moving House, Drawfest & Commissions are Open but Limited!24/05/16

Hi people! Time for another Taala update!

I have new places! Finally got round to make an Instagram and just cause made a Furry Network account as well. (Gonna mass upload later on FN.)

So, let's start off with the usual. I've been pretty good overall, had a few bumps and such but I'm easing back into routine well... except now everything has been flipped upside down and all around!

My mother has a bit precarious medical circumstances and wanted me to be closer to her as I live away from home. She's offered us a family home we can rent. So now, we are moving from Wellington to Auckland in less than one month's time! YEAH! SUDDENLY MOVING!

This means, things will be quite busy, especially since Wellington Armageddon (An NZ geek convention) is just around the corner and the Drawfest stall still needs a final roster! Also, thank you to everyone who applied, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

And now to the point: I am OPENING commissions BUT on a LIMITED level since I still have plenty of backlog. So I'd prefer several smaller projects than a few huge ones. So I won't be accepting full bodies for the coloured commission types, but they come with a 20% waist up (thighs and upward) 0r 40% bust (head/shoulders/chest) discount from the price shown!

Click HERE for my Commission Price Guide with Visual Examples!

Click HERE for my current Art Queue!

I unfortunately can't give any ETAs but gimme an email or other means of contact and I'll keep you updated!

This is to help earn moneys for the sudden move so getting anything from a sketch to an icon to a waist up simple soft shade would be great! I'd appreciate it so much! And if you can't afford a commission, sharing this around would help as well :D

Thanks for all the support so far, and looking forward to make the transition from city to city as smooth as possible.

Love you all!

Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❤