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Moving House Time Has Come!10/06/16

Hi peeps!

Just letting you know that the days leading up to the big house move is finally upon me. My husband and I will be moving across our country to a bigger city where my family are. This means my main work PC Josephine will be put into a box soon. (Meaning commissions I'm working on will be on hold until after the move.)

I'll be temporarily closed for commissions during this time, thank you to everyone who got something as it has helped with overhead costs ^^;

I may be without my PC for at least 2 weeks (I hope not but you never know with moving trucks >.>; ) but I'll update again once I've settled in.

However, some good news, I will have a Windows Surface Pro 2 which I got off a friend :) This means hopefully after some practice, I can at least get the sketches of commissions done!

So, thanks again for all the support and I'll let you know how the move goes!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧❤