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July Update - Moved House, Home Stay Student & House Sitting05/07/16

Hi lovelies!

Apologies for the lack of updates. We only got our internet working 3 days ago and during all that time, I've been flat out cleaning, unpacking and arranging things for the past 2 weeks. So much busy!! @.@

So, my husband Thomas and I have finally moved house and are safely settling in at the new place. I've got a lot of my things set up. If you want pics and insight of my doings, feel free to visit my Instagram

So, during all this I ended up being signed onto an international student program and I'm a home stay mom now xD. This means, I'm looking after a student who is living with my family while they study overseas from their home. So yeah, it's been a pretty good experience so far, it fits well with my natural maternal instinct LOL. I'm looking forward to doing this as my thing alongside being a commission artist.

Speaking of which, I'm a bit delayed in restarting my backlog as I'm currently house sitting for my Dad while he is overseas at the moment (My Mom looking after the student atm) I know right? Everything has to happen at once! So, I'll be getting back into my owed art next week. That's the hope anyway!

I'm hoping to do some smaller, traditional art commissions while I'm away from my main work station. Ones I'll mail to people. I'll post up an example and a journal about that in more details!

Anyways, I hope you all are having a swell day/night! Thanks for checking in on me :3

- Tammy/Taala 💜