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September Update!18/09/16

It's a bit on the late end of September but oh well, thought to make an update none the less.

So! What have I been up to? Well, being very sick mainly. It's the start of the spring season down under and my hayfever went WHACK. Going from cold to fever to cold again was not fun :<
However, I have now improved!! Thanks to people who got some traditional art while I was sick, it kept me busy. ONTO THE IMPORTANT PARTS!

✿ Commissions -
Ok, I do have quite a bit of backlog and I am still working on them! Just understand due to the fact I am also a home stay parent (exchange student guardian) I have that as a job to balance too... as well as making sure the household isn't terrible and/or on fire.
Now I'm not hellishly sick, I can actually GET BACK TO WERK so you'll be seeing more finished stuff from me hopefully soon.

✿ Livestreaming -
So I've decided I'm going to make a schedule of this. I plan to livestream every day, but only twice a week it'll be PWYW* Commission Streams. This will be in NZDT (New Zealand Daylight Time) starting between 10am/11am with Tuesday and Thursday being my PWYW livestreams. These PWYW commission livestreams are to help out getting earnings during the week while I work on the bigger things on the other days. (I make sure I have weekends to myself though.)
*PWYW means 'Pay What You Want' - which means you offer a price, I tell you what you can get, you pay me via Paypal/bank transfer if applicable, and once I receive the money, I try my darndest to finish the PWYW commission in that livestream. I also will ask for an email so send the files too. :)
I have plenty of examples if I show in the stream if people are curious.

✿ Auckland Armageddon Convention (Mainly for the New Zealanders) -
Yes I will be there (yaaaaay). I will be at the Auckland Drawfest Stall for Friday and Sunday as an artist, and Saturday as a helper. I'm really looking forward to being on that stall after years of being away from it. I think it'll be awesome :3

This may not really be that important but I just thought to mention it again. I HAVE STORES. WITH AWESOME T-SHIRTS AND DESIGNS AND STUFF. Just follow this link: http://taalaruhun.com/shop

✿ Other
I guess I'm just happy to say things have been going well with our new lives in Auckland. I'm just looking forward to getting right back onto the art horse. So look forward to seeing some creative things from the Taa!!


I also now play Leage of Legends - no I'm not good at all, yes I'm making sure it doesn't consume my life, and maybe I'll add you, but only if I know you. It's a super new experience and I have no idea what I'm doing. o-o; BUT I GOT A 6-1-6 in my 3rd game ever so I'm soO psYCHED AboUT THAT!!

Anyways, that's my update and hopefully next one won't be titled "I'm sorry LOL stole my life".

Take care sweeties!

- Tammy/Taala