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October Update!03/10/16

Hello sweeties!

This is Taala actually updating at the start of the month letting you know how things are going~! There has been a lot of stuff happening in my life (as to explain why I didn't end up livestreaming for the past week) so lemme just get right to it!

✿ My Life -
Firstly, I have a job! Specifically a casual job at Smiggle --> https://www.smiggle.com.au/shop/en/smiggle (where I shop for all my rainbow stationery and stuff!) I'll be a customer rep and start training this week! I'm super excited cause I'll also be working with a friend, which always helps! It's coming to the silly season so I'll be busy for sure ^^; But since it's part time, which means I'll still get to work on backlog commissions and other art!

✿ Inktober - I'm also participating in Inktober! That is when you do an inked picture a day - usually with a theme. You can see the day to day ones here --> http://taalaruhun.tumblr.com/tagged/inktober and at the end of the month, I'll be submitting a mega-collage of all the ones I did during October ^^

✿ Commissions -
I've made a tiny bit of process with my backlog which is encouraging! I'll keep updating this list as I keep going along! --> https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

But also, Happy Spooky Month! And to celebrate I'll be doing a nice simple commission type to tide me over between working on backlog. Halloween time is my favourite time of the year, so I really wanted to do something for it! Keep an eye out for the Halloween Icon Commission journal!

✿ Livestreaming -
Ok, I have learnt my lesson about trying to make a schedule for my livestreaming. For the past week, every time I came to sit down and work on art - SOMETHING would come up, and usually something I needed to attend to urgently >.>; It's been really stressful since I wanted to try and get more art done, but for now - I'll just have to do livestreaming whenever I can. I'll also occasionally do PWYW livestreams, and advertise them at the time.

✿ Auckland Armageddon Convention (Mainly for the New Zealanders) -
Yup still a thing, and still going! I will be at the Auckland Drawfest Stall for Friday and Sunday as an artist, and Saturday as a helper. It'll be really busy for sure, but I'll be around to do on-the-spot commissions, sell posters and all that stuff. I'll make a bigger deal of it closer to the time :D

✿ Other -
Now it is back to just my husband, my lil sister and I in the household, which means I should be able to get more done (like chores and such lol). I may be having a friend over soon, but I'll have to see. So far, things have improved! I've settled, I have a job, I have another job and I'll be getting to see friends! ^w^

So thanks for reading my journal and have a good day/night!

- Tammy/Taala

P.S. I still play League of Legends, if you can find me feel free to add me :3