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'Look' Halloween Icon Commissions [CLOSED!]09/11/16

Hi everyone!

As I've been adjusting to my new part time work, and working on my backlog commissions, I wanted to open up icon commissions to celebrate the month of Spook o' ween! Halloween is my favourite holiday so I at least wanted to open something small for it, so here are my 'Look' Icons!

Here are examples of eye(i)cons: B/W only --> http://taalaruhun.com/artworks/view/330 and B/Colour --> http://taalaruhun.com/artworks/view/331

They are $10USD and are primarily black and white for effect, but if you'd like one flat colour with the eye being white, that's fine too!

To get this commission, please comment/message me this filled out form:
1. Name on Website (ie. taala on FA or taala on Facebook).
2. Name and Visual References (must have!) of character.
3. 3. If the black hole eye is the left eye (appears on right side of icon) or right eye (appears on left side icon)..
4. Black/White only or Black/the flat colour.

I will be giving a high resolution with my watermark, and 3 different sizes so you can use them on all websites!

I'll be taking orders for these until the 24th of October (1 week before Halloween!) so get them while you can!

I accept Paypal and bank transfer for New Zealanders.

Thank you for reading and happy month of Halloween everyone!

- Tammy/Taala

Thanks to everyone who got one!