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My Auckland Armageddon Experience!25/10/16

It was pretty ok. Not too bad, no amazing - but average. Which is something I'm still quite happy with.

I was on the DrawfestNZ stall on Friday with Arkilliandragon on Tumblr and Atarial on Tumblr and learnt it's basically a tester day. Let people see the stall but defs not a lot of buying. A quiet day where I'd suggest to use to look around on if you plan to be an artist on the stall the other days.

Saturday was when I was a helper and BOY lemme tell ya that was tiring work! Standing around telling people about what is Drawfest and inviting people to the table is exhausting. Which is why I am SUPER grateful to Arkillian to be the lead in managing the stall.
ALL THE ARTISTS were flat out! Staticcreature on Tumblr, Slugette on Tumblr & Atarial were very busy with selling posters, prints, lil crafts etc. (I also kept supporting Slugette doing her first on-the-spot commission which came out amazing btw!)

Sunday happened. I was not there as it was my day off but I hope Sunday went well for all the artists there such as Knewtknight on Tumblr, Vesklerdraws on Tumblr & Leadambeck on Tumblr with the helpers Atarial & Slugette.

Monday was an interesting day as it was busy but also not busy. I, Taalaruhun on Tumblr, was with Orionsworld on Facebook and my husband Loonsmock on Tumblr. Arkillian and Knewtknight were helping out. I didn't do many commissions (and one I have to do off site now cause the person had to leave sooner than I expected) and not many of my posters moved either.

However, the commissions I did to made the customers so overjoyed with what they got - and at the end of the day, that's why I'm on the stall. To see how people love the art I make for them.

I still made my average amount for a single day so I'm pretty happy with that. I look forward to finishing the one that has to be posted cause it's going to look AMAZING.

My favourite part however was the Aftergeddon dinner Arkillian arranged on Monday evening. I loved the amount of socializing I did without getting exhausted! (as an introvert it was such a big deal for me) and the food was so good. It was great seeing good friends and making new ones with lots of great conversation. It was definitely my highlight.

So all in all, that was my Auckland Armageddon experience. Even though I was getting quite tired, the support from the fellow artists and people around me was amazing and kept us all going.

Thank you to everyone who supported us at the stall, that was on the stall, and of course once again to Arkilllian for taking on the big task of organizing it. As the Regional Manager of Drawfest in Wellington, I completely understand the undertaking so she did such a splendid job of it.

For now, I have plenty of commissions to catch up on, life to carry on with etc. - but before else, resting. So much resting.

Thanks for reading and I hope most of you had at least a pretty OK Auckland Armageddon. Take care!

- Taala/Tammy 💜💜💜