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November Update!09/11/16

Hello darlings~!

Taala is here to say some rather important things regarding commissions and such, so read thoroughly!!

✿ My Life -
My part time/casual job has been going well! I've adjusted to fit my art and life around it - and I'm becoming pretty good at it. I'm glad I have this job at a colourful stationery shop, it's been good for me to socialize with the rest of humanity, for better or for worse. So that's good!

I've also been having a mild cold for a while, and injured my arm a little while trying to do all the Halloween sketches. So, I'll be a little slower in progress, but at least getting things done!

✿ Commissions -
This is the very important part. Right now, I'm finishing the backlog of my Look Halloween Icon commissions and then onto the rest of my backlog. Which means:

I WILL BE CLOSED FOR COMMISSIONS TIL THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY 2017. (Most probably re-open a few days after Valentine's day next year.)

I will open up for the occasional Look Spooky Icon, but nothing else - since my backlog list has gone on for way too long. Thank you all for being so supportive all this time, and I'll hopefully have all my art work backlog clear when I re-open next year. :D

To keep track of my art progress, check here --> https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

✿ Livestreaming -
I will be on and off, livestreaming whenever. With how suddenly things can happen, I'm happy to have my livestream schedule just be whenever, but I'll try to livestream at least once a day.


So if you haven't already heard me, I'm back to talking on my livestreams so remember to have your sound on if you want to hear my voice. :)

So that was my update, thank you to anyone who read this and I look forward to working on a lot of art :D

- Tammy/Taala