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January Update23/01/17


It's getting late into January but thought to keep people in the know!

So, main news is I'm leaving my part time retail job. It just seemed the right time to do it. I already do my art and look after exchange students so I can free up my time a bit more.
That means I'll be able to work on my backlogged commissions soon enough! Yay! Check here to see my progress --> https://trello.com/b/hYa0QQf7/art-queue

However, before all that, I've been busy being the main artist for FurCoNZ --> https://www.furconz.org.nz/
The local furry convention taking place very soon! Onlu just under 2 weeks away! So I've been busy with that, especially since I'm a Staff Member once more, looking after the Art Room!

If you're a New Zealand Furry and already registered for FurCoNZ, let me know if you want a spot at the Artist's Alley!

Apart from that, I've been dealing wth all sorts, but I'm ok.

Take care sweeties!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜