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Where Have I Been? The Update01/03/17

So, many have you may have noticed my inactiveness around doing art and such. The main reason is because I've been suffering a rather large relapse of depression and anxiety. I have it managed, don't worry, but it's been a real creativity killer.

I have not forgotten my responsibilities as a commission artist, I know exactly all the art I owe (and if you think I've left you out, let me know ASAP!)

Apologies again for those who have waited on me for so very long, I'm still grateful for your understanding. I'm looking forward to when this mental health bump is over.

Just in case you may not know, I have quit my retail job and are looking into getting me a pet. We're hoping this will help me before I get worse. I've also been out and about more with the help of good friends.

I'll update again once the commission ball is up and going. So for now, please take care everyone!

- Tammy/Taala *:・゚✧*:・゚✧💜