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Commission Prices

If you have a specific commission idea that isn't listed here - such as website banners, adverts, logos and other illustrative designs - please feel free to email me and I will quote you a price based on your specifications.


Digital commissions

These prices are in USD (United States Dollar), and are for single-character pictures, with an abstract or blank background.

Some commission types have variations or special offers available.

Digital Sketch ($15) - A digital sketch of your character. Digital sketch example

Digital Ink ($25) - After an initial sketch, I will digitally ink the image. You can choose between a solid black lineart or a soft-brush lineart. Digital ink example

I can add blackspotting (dramatic black shadows) for $3 ($28 in total.)

Flats ($30) - An inked picture with digital flat-colours, with a touch of gradients. Digital flats example

Hard Cel-Shaded ($45) - The digital option after the lineart; I use a comic-book style of shading to make your characters look dramatic. Digital hard cel-shade example

Simple Soft-Shaded ($52) - With a digital paintbrush, I blend, smudge and blur to give your picture a soft feel. Has one layer of shading and one layer of lighting. Digital simple soft-shade example

Detailed Soft-Shaded ($65) - With a digital paintbrush, I blend, smudge and blur to give your picture a soft feel and a "painterly" look. Has multiple layers of shading and lighting to create more depth. Digital detailed soft-shade example

Traditional commissions

Traditional Sketch ($15) - A pencil line sketch of your character. Traditional sketch example

Pencil Shaded ($18) - A pencil line sketch brought to completion with pencil shading. I bring out highlights with an eraser, and deepen shadows with a solid graphite pen. Traditional pencil-shaded sketch example

I can add a layer of digital flat colours for $12 ($30 in total.)

Traditional Ink ($25) - After an initial sketch, I use my traditional ink pens to turn it into a solid lineart. You have the option to have a black and white ink, or a coloured ink with a single solid flat-colour. Traditional ink example

I can add blackspotting (dramatic black shadows) for $3 ($28 in total.)

Coloured Pencil ($38) - After a pencil sketch and ink lineart, I use my coloured pencils to finish off the traditional feel of the picture. Traditional colour-pencil example

Other commission types

Icons ($15) - These are headshots of a character making any kind of expression, in a soft-shaded style. Icon example

If you'd like your icon cel-shaded instead, these are $10.

Or you could get a limited-animation icon (3 to 5 frames - hair moving, eyes blinking, etc.) for a total of $20-30, depending on shading and level of detail.

Chibis/Super-Deformed ($15) - These are cute-ified (or cartoonified) pictures of your characters. I usually cel-shade these, with a little bit of softening if it suits. Chibi example

Wildcard ($25) - This is a special one to let me experiment different techniques and styles! If you give me some visual character references and a few sentences about their personality, I will draw them in whatever style or commission type I feel inspired to. For example, it could be a page of sketches, an experimental digital watercolour, or your character doing something silly in cel-shading.

These are handy for people who don’t have anything exact in mind, or feel like a delightful surprise! Styles will vary, but I will ensure every piece meets or exceeds the minimum amount of value ($25.) You get to pick whether it's digital or traditional. I'll be posting up keywords on my newsfeed here and other journals if you want a theme for the commission.

This commission type is 'blind' - there are no Work-in-Progresses, so visual references only, and make sure they are accurate. I'm happy to do minor tweaks after the fact but anything major will incur an extra cost. As per usual, complicated designs and patterns may also be charged extra.

I generally stick to Safe For Work for these, but if I'm inspired to do something Not Safe For Work, I will ask first!Wildcard example Wildcard example

Digital Painted Mood Portrait ($35) - I offer these to give myself practice at digital painting. I use a palette of colours to shade, highlight and perfect a technique I like, using various brushes and brush textures. The portrait is a bust (head, shoulders and chest), has a ‘mood’ (such as happy, angry, sad etc.) and the commissioner must have visual references. Mood portrait example

Basic Ref Sheet ($100) - Contains a full body front, a full body back, character information, colour swatches and ref sheet layout. This is all done in simple soft-shaded style. Additional parts such as head-shots, mid-shots and other details may be included at extra charge. Maximum resolution is 2000 pixels on the longest side. Ref sheet example

Additionally, I can make any pieces of art created for the ref sheet into a stand-alone picture for you - just let me know.

If you'd like a ref sheet flats-only, without shading, these are only $60.


No Background or Abstract Background - If you leave the background up to me, there’s no charge, and I’ll do something simple yet suitable. Abstract background example

Basic Background - A background with a bit more detail, showing the setting or surroundings of the picture. The cost depends on the commission type. I will quote the price after assessing the details you give for the background. Basict background example

Detailed Background - A detailed background with perspective and lighting. Again, I will quote the price after details are provided. Detailed background example

Additional fees and discounts

Changes - I will charge for any major changes after you have approved my draft, if the change is significant enough to affect the progress I’ve already made on your picture. The fee depends on the severity of the change, and starts at $5. If I consider the change to be minor, I will not charge.

Complex designs - If the commission has complicated design specifications - such as excessively detailed markings, multiple wings/limbs, complex poses, large props and/or an elaborate overall design - I will most probably charge more for it, as these designs usually take much longer to draw. It is usually $5 per specification, but I may charge more depending on the complexity.

No ref - I will also charge more for commissions without visual character reference, because, in those cases, I am essentially designing a character for you. Again, how much I charge depends on the complexity of the design, and starts at $10.

If you're trying to explain what you'd like, having references of other characters, props/costumes and backgrounds does assist me, but does not count as character reference.

Design-from-brief cost - I may charge for my time communicating with the commissioner, reading through a brief of the commission, drawing a layout sketch, calculating a quote, and adjusting for Paypal fees. How much I charge depends on the complexity of the brief, and the amount of communication needed to finalize the commission.

Pornographic - NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or adult-rated material costs $15 extra. (Click here for more information on this charge.) I will not draw pornographic material or anything sexual that makes me uncomfortable, so please do keep that in mind if you wish to make a commission NSFW.

Artistic nudes - (Females: nipples shown and only outer area of genitalia; Males: non-erect penises) and/or hidden genitalia or no genitalia at all, and in a non-sexual context - don’t count here, and are not charged extra.

Waist-Up/Busts - There will be a discount off the commission if it only shows some of the character’s body. For example: a waist-up picture would be a 20% discount, and a bust (head and shoulders) would be a 40% discount. Size examples

Extra Characters - These will cost the same as an additional commission of the same type, but with a $5 discount.

For example, a cel-shaded picture of one character is $40, so adding in another character would cost $35. In total, the commission would cost $75.

I also offer a special discount: If an additional character is one of my own characters, their discount will be $10 instead of $5.